Who We Are

AZ Med Spa 48 is a true medical spa providing various innovated medical treatments of the skin, body, and hair. Our medical staff are highly professional trained and certified in each area of expertise, proving excellent safe and effective treatments. 

Meet Stephanie

Owner Stephanie Duffy is a licensed and experienced Nurse Practitioner and Medical Director, capable of providing unmatched care in the industry. Stephanie graduated at Olivet Nazarene University with her Master of Science in Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner and is Board Certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Stephanie has established many certifications in aesthetics by the American Academy of Facial Esthetics, National Association of Laser & Aesthetics, National Laser Institute, and Viora. Her on-site presence sets AZ Med Spa 48 apart and ensures you get safe, quality care throughout every treatment and medical procedure. Stephanie has been practicing as a nurse and nurse practitioner in aesthetics, nephrology, and internal medicine for many years and has always dreamed of opening her own Medical Soa and recently in July 2022 she was able to achieve that dream.

We provide our patients with the most modern and advanced medical spa treatments available today. All our staff are certified and trained in each treatment offered at our medical spa including microneedling, laser body contouring, laser hair removal, laser skin tightening, laser cellulite reduction, laser age spot treatments, laser photo facial, laser skin rejuvenation, skin resurfacing, and medical grade skin care products. Our staff are Arizona state certified in all laser treatments and are certified by Viora.

Our medical experts will help you determine the best way to sustain your natural beauty.

Our goal is to be known as honest medical skin care experts that look out for our patients and client’s best interest, Our treatment outcomes are supported by our customer reviews with 5 star ratings. We will always support our outcomes and goals of excellent care.

A quote from one of our outstanding nurses “Looking and feeling your best is all about manifesting the beauty you feel inside. Spa treatments are a healthy way to achieve sustainable beauty by providing an opportunity for it to shine through”. 

Our staff are not only trained in procedures, but they are also trained to educate patients on the best procedures that are personally related to their needs. Education is the key to ensuring patients they are getting the best treatment without being overtreated or mislead into treatments they do not need. Education is also important for our patients to understand prevention of skin damage and ways to maintain the results of the treatment they received.

Honesty and kindness by our medical staff is what you will experience at our medical spa. There are no hidden fees, no inexperienced staff, no safety issues, and no negativity at our spa. We love what we do and we love our customers.